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Why Online Learning?

There are some wonderful things about on line learning that people who haven't taken classes in this way before might not have thought of ...and some particular reasons it's simply perfect for animal and animal sports people .....

So without further ado here is my top ten list for why online learning is FABULOUS!

10. Introverts can spend lots of time thinking, reflecting and processing before engaging with the instructor or fellow classmates.

9. You can learn in pajamas At home! In bed - imagine a classroom that comfy and easy to get to? Awesome eh?

8. Extroverts can spend as much time as they want chatting to and engaging with class mates and they don't have to wait a week to get instructor feedback either!

7. No wasted travel time - with no commute and the ability to pop in and out of class you can make the best use of your time! That means more horse time!

6. Diversity of the subjects! You can learn so many things online. Always wanted to know how to take a great horse photo? Do a great bandage? Ride with confidence? There's a course for that, and that and more!

5. Instructors have time to really help you - they aren't rushing off to the next class or forgetting to look into things you asked them between classes. They care and they want you to succeed just like in face time classes - and they can access information in ways they can't in face time classes.

4. Great value - because the classes can work the way you need and want them to the value of is amazing. There is rarely a need to miss a class which means every dollar you spend on a class is money well spent. Often you get much more time and feedback than you do in an hour group lesson too. In many schools you have access to the class material long after the class is done - that means you can refer back to the material again and again.

3. Differentiation - that is to say , your instructor can teach YOU in the way you learn best - lecture, video, audio - information is presented in lots of different ways and if you just aren't grasping it you can ask questions until it clicks for you!

2. The location is flexible I've taught online when sitting in hospital rooms, or on trains - you can spend time learning anywhere it suits you!

1. You set the time you can best do classes and class work. Maybe it's late, maybe it's early. Perhaps its in one long session once a week or many short pieces through each day. No matter. If it works for you it works for the online school.

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