Here Comes Term One!

March 5, 2017

We are fired up and ready to go!


The links for each course take you to the Gold working spot ( $100 for the whole course - less than $20 a week for this pilot run - regularly $180 - so that's a BIG DEAL) registration  and information link for the class ... for a general overview including the Bronze audit links - click here


Pilot classes set to start  April first are: 


Drawn to Horses 

facilitated by the incomparable, and patient, Shelly Hawley Yan 


Shelly's experiences as an educator and as an artist combine with her passion for animals to make this a unique opportunity. She keeps assuring me "EVERYONE has the need and the ability to be creative"  and she's really looking forward to helping you explore and express this artistic side of yourself! You'll be amazed at what you can create. 





What to Expect When You Call the Vet 

led by the talented and experienced Linda Shantz


"I’ve been fortunate to have some great mentors in my career with horses, and it’s great to be able to pass along some of what I’ve learned over the years to help others care for their equine “kids.”",  Linda's diverse experiences running a layup facility, covering all aspects of the racehorse life cycle: breeding, broodmare and foal management; breaking and training; rehabilitation; retraining and rehoming after retirement will stand her students in good stead in this course! 



The Confident Rider 

guided by the confident and grateful Andrea Harrison 


Andrea has been asked to teach this course for years.  "Confidence is a cornerstone of competence. Knowing when to give yourself a kick or when to stop reflect and plan for success are vital to working with horses. This course gives concrete scientific explanations for emotions and builds a tool kit for riders mental well being to help them through whatever worries they have!"


Horses in Focus Photography 

instructed by the artistic and thoughtful Karen Whitfield


 Karen is looking forward to sharing her passion for horses and photography with you.  "I just love capturing and sharing memories that will be enjoyed for years to come."  If you've always wanted to learn the finer principles of great photography - and combine it with your love of equines - thisis a great course to improve your skills 



Ouch Where Does My Horse Hurt 

taught by the educated and passionate (and humorous ) Chrystal Woodhouse 


Chrystal speaks passionately about this subject and when asked about this course says "I am looking forward to being able to empower people in making good decisions for their horse . Understanding pain in a horse and how he communicates it is key in being able to treat it, Horses are "hard wired" to hide pain or discomfort however many have "unhappy" bodies which can surface as behavioural issues or show up in not being able to do riding maneuvers properly or easily." Her training and experiences make her a natural fit to teach you this art/science. 


Ride On - tuning up your riding 

coached by diverse and experienced Andrea Harrison 


Living in the "middle of nowhere" Andrea knows the value of getting another set of eyes on what's happening in the saddle. "My experience teaching so many riders at all levels and my work in  such varied riding endeavors  -  hunter/jumper, pony club,  eventing,  pleasure, dressage, even a little reining  and driving all combine to mean that this overview of your riding and the aids can be really broad, yet helpful in it's scope!" 



You want to know more about the school?  Visit the main page here! 




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