Retired Racehorse Project (RRP)

March 21, 2017

Begun in 2000 the RRP's purpose is to facilitate the placement of retired race horses. Second careers for TB's often include eventing, show hunters and jumpers, dressage, field hunting - now there are more doing competitive trail riding, barrel racing and working ranch horses work as well.  All these sports plus freestyle are showcased through the events of the RRP. The event has evolved enormously over the past seven years with more and more participants from  3 countries USA,  Canada and Britian with over 500 trainers accepted at this point.  The breakdown of primary sports is: eventing (182), show hunter (126), show jumper (77), dressage (63), barrel racing (31), competitive trails (27), field hunters (20), polo (19), working ranch (17), and freestyle (16).



Exploring the Bridges is  a report they conducted in 2014 about second career thoroughbreds. 


There are over 200 trainers registered for this year's event at Kentucky Horse Park and we will be interviewing, surveying and following a variety of the trainers as they head to the event. We'll be asking about their training challenges, their motivations, why they picked TBs to ride and more. If you have a question you'd like to see answered please share it! 


The first interviews went so well - people were so generous sharing their stories - of excitement about participating for the first, or third, time; explaining what drew them to the breed in the first place; sharing hopes dreams and fears ... it's an amazing Project and the trainers and horses who  are coming together this fall are making it even more incredible.


There will be monthly features, and updates from the participating members (from all over the USA and Ontario). Participants are planning on hunters, dressage, competitve trail, freestyle, jumping and dressage as well as barrels - so we have a great cross section all ready reporting in!


The Retired Racehorse Project's website can be found:  here.

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