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Welcome to HEART (Happy Education: Applicable & Relevant Teaching)

YAY! -  You found us!  You are a passionate animal lover who wants to learn from and collaborate with positive, experienced horse and dog people from around the world. And guess what? You are in the right place!! The school is full of help, motivation and tips in equine care, competing, photography, art and much more. Our instructors have extensive knowledge about the health of horses and riding as well as proven mental strategies aimed at getting you into the ring, or just on your horse! We have experienced canine competitors from a wide range of sports and experiences. There is something for everyone and our program offerings grow based on your needs and desires.

HEART Academy provides a place for you to pursue excellence in canine and equine endeavours. We do not mean "excellence" only in terms of competitive excellence (though lots of our instructors and students show and do very well regularly in a wide variety of disciplines). Rather, we understand "excellence" to mean developing a deeper relationship with your horse or dog.  To do that we all need more knowledge. Learning never stops! Plus, it's fun :-)  We also believe in respect and kindness, not just for our equine partners but also those of the 2 legged variety. We respect each other and enrich each other! Being your best self is HARD we work. We know that - we work right alongside you. 


Welcome...welcome to a safe and fun place in which to indulge your interest, passion and love of all things horse and dog. You have found your crew. Let's get learning! 

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