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Our next term is set to begin October 15th, 2018. See our currently offered courses below, as well as some examples of previous courses. 


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Available Courses - Beginning October 15th, 2018

Be Brave!

 Be Brave! This 6 week online course will help you to become the best horse person and rider you can be. Are you feeling like you're failing in the horse world? Experiencing anxiety at shows? Whatever is holding you back, you can find support here. You'll receive one on one coaching to help you overcome YOUR personal fears & set backs. You'll learn to achieve your riding goals and make the most of your horse time! 

Drawn to Horses

Have you always wanted to draw horses?  To create a portrait of your favorite individual horse? Or just express your feelings for all “divine equine”?  This course is a place where you can enjoy your own progress and the process of learning and creating. Whether your preferred style is more “old masters” or “modern pop doodle”, we will have some fun exploring the art of horses. Tap into your creativity! And Yes! YOU can create art! 

Horses in Focus

Did you buy that fancy camera with the intention of learning how it really works? Do you want to take better,
share-worthy photos of your horse? This course is for you! Whether you are wanting to learn photography
as a fun hobby, to capture your kids competing at shows, or to just record and appreciate the
elegance (or goofiness) of your horse, you can learn it here! This course is for ANYONE wanting to learn photography skills. No horse required. Content is aimed around our equine friends but is relevant to any subject matter.

Previously Run Courses (may be available next term)

Ouch! Where Does My Horse Hurt?

Horses do not like pain and will react in negative ways because they're TRYING to tell us what is wrong.
Many times we overlook their signals. Difficulty in bending, picking up leads, kicking, bucking, pinned ears,
"girthy" horses, etc. could be indications of pain. This
 course is designed to help people find out where their
horse is having trouble in it's body.  You will develop skills to help pinpoint areas of restriction.
Instead of asking " is my horse behaving this way because of pain?" you will be able to assess your horse yourself!

Getting Your Pasture Puff Back to Work

In this course expect to set goals, and work positively, yet certainly to achieve them. Perhaps your goal is to teach/learn better manners on the ground, build a positive relationship, establish better fitness / partnership, or simply just get up and riding again?  This course will help you set, work toward, and achieve those goals.

The Big Fix: Changing Behaviour

This class teaches behaviour change. Any behaviour. Any species. Add great habits, break bad ones. The rules that determine how we behave (and how we change) are all fundamentally the same. Once you understand those rules, you can apply them in ways that can be used to change any behaviour. And once you undertand that training is simply applied behaviour change, you'll have a much more conscious understanding of how to train (or untrain) anything!

What to Expect When You Call the Vet

Emergencies are an inevitable part of horse ownership. In such a stressful situation, we might forget to ask the veterinarian questions to help us understands what's going on. In this course, we'll talk about what you might expect during some common veterinary emergency calls. This knowledge will help keep you calm and sane during such situations, which will in turn help your beloved horse cope as well.

The Best Barn Dog

Because every farm needs a dog! This class will help you help your dog be the best barn/farm partner possible. No matter what stage of training, age, breed or size, you will learn practical training strategies to implement
with your dog. Weekly training goals and feedback on your video sessions and questions is provided in a collaborative and supportive way. Topics will include: recalls (come), leash walking, manners when
greeting people and animals, learning to get out, and stay out of the way, how to introduce dogs to livestock,
and other management tips.