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Holly's Story

Holly started her extensive understanding of scent work with dogs as a narcotics dog handler with a police department.  She is now a judge, competitor and coach.

Having had the opportunity to work with many breeds doing nose work has made Holly not only a super handler but helps her understand the wide variety of challenges teams face.

As a judge with three venues (AKC, CPE, and NACSW) she has a clear understanding of what is expected at a competitive level.  

Watching and helping teams enjoy the journey of nose work puts a smile on her face and getting to be part of that is something she finds very fulfilling.

Holly loves watching joyful teams exploring and playing with all the challenges this game has to offer and getting to help them do better,  helping them find more joy in the journey and successes is the icing on the cake for her! 

Just $9.99 each


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