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Meet Our Instructors and Webinar Presenters!

Our Online Educators have been hand-picked for their knowledge and skills. Each one brings years of experience and something unique to offer. Meet the Webinar presenters for the Alphabet Album here! Learn more about them on the individual webinar pages on the album page! 

  1. Leslie Eide:  a compassionate & talented vet and agility handler there is no one better to have on your side than Dr. Eide -  join her inThe Battle of the Sits

  2. Liz Carter: experienced, funny and skilled join Inside the World of Working Earth Dogs to learn more about the magic that is Liz. 

  3. Tom Harrison:  lawyer, teacher, farmer, sometimes a scholar - always interested in the ways we interact with the natural world - join him for The Ethics and Morals of Working and Playing with Non-Human Persons  LIVE  on August 26

  4. Stella Barnett:  a positive and passionate dog trainer Stella spends her time making canines feel better - learn about her approach in her webinar Force Free Rehab for Your Companion

  5. Amanda Nelson: with a lifetime of training under her belt Amanda knows her stuff - sending a dog 100s of feet to do agility needs a lot of confidence - find out the secrets at Get Confident! Building Confidence and Connection with your (Agility) Dog

  6. Ayoka Bubar:  Flexible, confident, respectful using up to date co-operative solutions Ayoka will share some of her talents & skills in Herding Instinct Test What to Expect

  7. Sheila Gibbons: a cross-training aficionado, she believes in solid foundations that prepare dogs to play all the games-explore Instinct -What does It Mean? Making the Most of it! with her! 

  8. Adam Skandarani: No stranger to big feelings, Adam is compassionate and patient with the animals he works with while they learn to navigate their own big feelings. His skills are invaluable here as a panellist and moderator as well as instructor. 

  9. Hannah Branigan: Kick Start Your Training Sessions

  10. Linda Randall: Kids, Dogs, and Race. An Exploration Through Interviews

  11. Tracey Bradley: her non-traditional breeds have inspired this compassionate, creative trainer on many film sets as well as with her competitive success. Learn how to  Make a Star - movies, commercials and more!

  12.  Oluademi James-Daniel: panellist and moderator 

  13. Julie Symons: thoughtful, brave and curious Julie is always willing to explore new concepts in training for herself and her students learn one of her personal techniques here! One Step Back, Two Steps Forward - a simple approach to progress your training!

  14. Chelsey Protulipic: Dog training nerd and dog sports enthusiast. I am fascinated by excellent, efficient training which happens to coincide with paying close attention to how our dogs feel about our games. Excited to share with you On Your Own: (Blazing your own trail forward tackling goals in traditionally non-R+ sports.) 

  15. Eva Fowler: P is for Pressure - making it work for you and your dog!

  16. Melissa Chandler: thoughtful, caring and compassionate Melissa's miles in parkour, scent work and dog training, in general, have led her to explore many modalities. Join her and panellists to explore alternative health in a thought-provoking webinar. 

  17. Karen Larson:  an insightful, positive & talented trainer (& human) Karen can't wait to share her wisdom with us through being a panellist and moderator

  18. Holly Bushard: Skill Building with Sock Games for Sensational Scent Work

  19. Kathryn Harvey: Trials Without Tribulations: Enter, they said. It will be fun, they said.

  20. Kirsten Neumann Stephens: Educator, lifelong learner, and boundary pusher, always prepared to engage in conversations that challenge the status quo. Join her in her as she tackles the discomfort involved in Unlearning: Leggo your Ego

  21. Shelly Hawley Yan:  with her eclectic background and diversity of life experiences including Forensic science work, master herbalist, wildlife rehabber, rescue coordinator, a dancing hippo, music teacher and artist. What will she share with us? Stay tuned! TBD

  22. Lucy Newton: X Marks the Spot: Collected Themes in Dog Training

  23. Linda Shantz:  a talented artist, dog trainer and horse person we are thrilled to have Linda on our moderator team

  24. Karen Whitfield: our all-round tech lifesaver, photographer and wizard Karen joins us as a support crew and moderator. 

  25. Andrea Harrison: a life long animal lover, trainer, and thought facilitator, Andrea can't wait to share Zap! That's a Wrap - Creating an Action Plan at the end of the series and see you on some of the panels as well! 

There are a number of panel presentations and some presenters have second webinars as well! 

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