Meet Our Instructors

Our Online Educators have been hand-picked for their knowledge and equine skill set. Each one brings years of experience and something unique to offer.

Andrea Harrison is an educator who is passionate about all species, including dogs, horses and humans! Helping students of all ages be successful, reduce anxiety and stress and manage their time by using her training in counselling, personality typing, and experiences matters to her. Her competitive addictions are dressage and agility. Andrea and her animals have earned many ribbons and titles together. Her super star dog Sally was the canine lead in the feature film “Saving Dinah". Andrea attained B level Pony Club before aging out and then completed her Level one coaching certification. A passionate life learner, one of her favourite parts of teaching (and coaching) is the learning it allows her to do.

Karen Whitfield is an experienced designer as well as photographer. She brings her love and passion for horses to HEART with a skill for sharing her knowledge that students regularly comment on. With varied photo credits to her name - horse themed calendars, magazines and shows, she can help you make the most of  your camera, your eye and your horse! 

Kathryn Harvey - As a dedicated student of the relationship between people and their animals, Kathryn has spent the last 22 years gathering and applying knowledge about how to make the training relationship the best it can be. Fascinated by the scientific principles that govern the process of learning, Kathryn has developed a sound and thorough understanding of behaviour modification -- the key to developing a program of positive training that is clear, consistent, fair and fun for every member of the team. For many years, horses played a significant role in Kathryn’s understanding of how animals learn and how people can have a positive impact on their education. After a youth spent obsessed with equine behaviour, Kathryn shifted her focus to dogs and spent several years teaching and assisting with obedience, tricks and agility and is being drawn back to horses again.

Chrystal Woodhouse a C.E.M.T (Certified Equine Massage Therapist)

 Passionate about all things horse. Whether it is feeding, riding, training or healing. Having a desire to share knowledge with others, a penchant for teaching and the curiosity of a reporter which drives her to find answers to all of life's hard questions ( how do you know if your horse's shoe is too small for it?) have all combined to make HEART a perfect home for her.

Linda Shantz is a professional equine artist specializing in painting and photography. She operates her own layup facility, covering all aspects of the racehorse life cycle: breeding, broodmare and foal management; breaking and training; rehabilitation; retraining and rehoming after retirement. When not at the barn or the easel, she's working with her two off-track Thoroughbreds. She has much to offer students from her many years of hands-on horse experience as well as her artistic talents.

Shelly Hawley Yan brings a very eclectic background and diversity of life experience including; a BSc Biochemistry and a MH Master Herbalist diploma. She has been a Forensic Hair and Fibre Examiner, a wildlife rehabber, an Animal Rescue coordinator, a dancing hippo, a music teacher and performer, and an artist. Through it all, has been interwoven a great love of animals and of creativity. Shelly believes EVERYONE has the need and the ability to be creative and loves helping students explore and express this side of themselves!

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