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The Alphabet Album was such a great experience for our presenters many of them have ideas for other webinars and people to bring on to keep offering you excellence in online information and education! Keep your eye on this page for general webinars and seminars! 

Join Karin Apfel for her first webinar on her interesting exploration of alerts and how to improve them!! Recording now available!

Image by Edson Torres

Join Holly Bushard (and Julie Symons!) for this interesting look at a unique kind of nosework search  - The buried hide! Recording will now available!

Dog Portrait

Join Holly Bushard and Julie Symons for this interesting conversation about all kinds of scent things  - Behind Closed Doors - recording now available!

Image by A P O L L O

Join Stella Barnett to learn more about helping your agility partner be as fit as possible!  The season is nearly here - get your dog fit - and understand WHY. Recording available now. 

Dog's Portrait

What is a webinar you ask?

These webinars are online events that generally run between 60-90 minutes. You will get a lecture/lesson as well as a live component (usually) where you can participate, ask your burning questions and get them answered.! 

Need a refresher later? No worries - you can continue to access and watch the recorded webinar as often as you want for as long as you want! 

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