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 A Seminar You Need 

 a conversation we all need

Kids, Race and Positive Reinforcement

Live: February 5th from 6-9 pm (space in the live is limited to 200 but the recording is available afterwards for all who purchase) 

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Join Linda Randall,  DVM  with moderators Ameera Skandarani and Karen Larson to learn what happens when a Black trainer works with white children to teach them how to train their dogs. Listen to Linda as she explores critical ideas and hears sometimes surprising answers to questions she poses. 

What you discover will help you explore your own implicit and explicit bias about people and race, and positive training too.  Learning together is one of the most effective ways to facilitate change both internally and in the world around us. 


And the time for change is now.  Let's start together.  

The seminar is divided into sections, with Q and A sessions after each section, and a longer discussion to wrap up. 

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