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You asked. We listened. 

A 90 day accountability program just for you. 

Simple, straightforward, and affordable. 

Helping Hand

Getting things done feels hard some days. So hard.  Multiple components come into play. Setting priorities. Having real goals that you are motivated to reach. Life NOT throwing barriers and obstacles in your path. Being able to take the time to reflect and adapt is hard. 

Especially alone. 

Well, we want to change that! Over the next month, we are running a special challenge. It's simple. It will be effective in helping you reach your goals. 


3 days a week information relevant to you and your needs will be released in a variety of formats. In the first week,  the focus will be on choosing goals that matter to you - not just things other people believe you should do. 

Monthly live webinars will kick off each 30-day block - to focus and guide you but also celebrate the successes you will experience. Participants will choose the live time. The material covered in the webinar will be available via recording. 

Check Ins

You will be invited to check in daily - and expected to report on your progress at least once a week. 

We take helping you achieve your goals seriously. If you need additional motivation we will (as sad as it would make us) remove you from the FB group if you want should you not meet your weekly check in goal. 


We've got awards, prizes and certificates for the stages as you unlock them! 

What Kind of Goals Can You Set?

That's your call!

Maybe you want to train a specific skill? Enter a show? Redecorate a room in your house? Lose a few inches or eat a healthier diet more consistently ... ride a certain distance or walk with a particular frequency? Maybe you need to schedule some self-care - read a book? 

Your explicit goal doesn't matter but your commitment to it does. 

How will it work? 

We'll have a Facebook Group just for this purpose -  and two webinars to deliver information designed to help you make the most of this experience. There will be a workbook/journal emailed to you as well for you to work through at your own pace. 

What will it cost?


Monthly Webinars (and a wrap up) value $ 80

Information delivery at least 3x week value $ 360 

Daily check-ins  value $180 

Community support and accomplishing your goals - PRICELESS 

Total value at least $620 


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