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Welcome to HEART

HEART Academy is getting ready to launch! It's exciting for me as it's pulling a lot of my very favourite passions together. Some amazing, brilliant and gifted people with a talent for sharing their skills are coming on board and I can't wait to see what the final first course offerings are! The academy came from a belief Chrystal and I share,

We believe that learning about horses is important - both for the horse and the human. My background in delivering online education is varied and extensive and I have loved it all - but working with you at HEART Academy ignites a special spark in me!

Webinars are in the works , courses are coming ,based on what people tell us they want! You, a passionate horse lover, are the driver of HEART Academy ~ share what you want and need to learn and HEART Academy will find a great instructor to deliver what you ask for! Share a topic you would love to find out more about in either a 30 minute webinar or a 6 week course! If you haven't had a chance to tell us what you want you can share your thoughts on our survey link - there are lots of spots for comments so don't be shy!

Sitting here at my lovely farmhouse I am watching the snow go sideways past my window and day dreaming about nicer weather. Planning and writing courses is a great way to fill my inside time and collaborating with other instructors about best online pedagogy is teaching me so much too!

More soon


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