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Horse education- it's time has come

I am finding it hard to try and describe what HEART is going to be . In my life , I am an Equine Massage Therapist and have been for over 10 years, usually when I say this people give it a minute and then ask " ok but what do you REALLY do, what is your REAL job?" No really, that is it, it is all I do, I love it, it is exhausting and can be painful , however I cannot imagine doing anything more rewarding. In my travels all over the region and in many different barns every week, I have found a lot of wonderful horses owners, I have come to realize that most of us are the same, we love our furry equines and want to have deep relationships with them.. However along with that I have also come to see that there is a big hole in general education with equines. If you are not lucky enough to have been raised in a horsey community, a big barn, a place full of educated and helpful mentors. you are kind of stuck, trying your best and even with "google" and "you tube" :-) , are often trying to find answers and help that is not readily available. Even for some people in big barns they are aware something is not " quite right" but do not trust their instincts and have very few places to go: Access to online equine courses can help that.... maybe a quick webinar on saddle fitting that will start someone thinking in the right direction with a horse that has suddenly started bucking or refusing jumps... maybe that is not the answer, but maybe it is ,at least you would have a starting point!

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