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Sources 4 Horse (and People) Stuff: Dog & Pony Show

Who doesn't love shopping?

Online, in store, at shows - everywhere there is horse stuff oogling and at the least window shopping is a favoured past time of many equestrians.

This feature will profile some of the businesses the HEART instructors, and you, love best!

To open up the series meet Dog & Pony Show.

What do we love most about them? Customer service is a huge priority for them, they work with amazing little businesses and manufacturers from all over the world and ... best of all maybe ... they have amazing products for your home, your dog, your barn and you and your horse!

It's nearly impossible not to find a present for a loved one here ... (I ordered a custom series of connected bracelets for my cousins one year - they all had a piece of the Winnie the Pooh quote .... you know the one ...)

They were gorgeously perfect!

There are all kinds of custom options - putting together a personalizes gorgeous necklace or bracelet (or fly bonnet!) to say how much you value someone ... or as a thank you ... or as a horse show prize? The ideas are endless- and the business owner is happy to work with you to come up with concepts that make your heart smile!

I happen to love the halters too but there are gorgeous leashes and collars and household things too! Go look for yourself - you won't be sorry!

To be totally honest I have yet to see something that I didn't like or appreciate ... it's Canadian funds shopping and shipping is clear and easy to understand ... (In Canada if you spend $75 it's free!)

Happy shopping!

(we start drawing names for free courses from the people who have signed up tomorrow - so go sign up for your first course with us - RIGHT now ... HERE!)

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