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Sources 4 Horse (and People) Stuff: Wilton Tack

Wilton Tack might be considered to be in the middle of nowhere by some people but it's in a lovely old building in a wee little town (Wilton) half way between Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario. It's only about 10 minutes north of the 401 if you ever make the trek. There's also a very tasty cheese factory (fittingly enough known as Wilton Cheese Factory) just down the road and across the street.

People in the area know Wilton well . They are generous sponsors of local horses shows and initiatives by rescues and youth. They have a great feed store and offer very reasonable delivery too - wonderful for people who are time or energy crunched. They will source things if they can .. and work hard to help you get what you want .... even purple hoods when needed!

Wilton Tack is celebrating it's TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY this month! How crazy is that eh? The building was purchased way back in 1997 - and open for business just a week later!! To say Howie, the owner, is a hard working person is a pretty serious understatement! He and his family were on holidays in Canada, staying with friends in Wilton when the topic of possibly moving back home came up (there's more hockey and baseball here than in the U.K Howie assures me) the feed mill in town was struggling and was up for auction on December 27. Howie and his partner at the time had the winning bid - and Howie bought his partner out about 5 years later. He really hasn't looked back since.

If you want something and they can find it they'll order for you and get it to you ...often at a better price than you can find elsewhere They have a range of suppliers and can get English, Aussie and Western tack in - their entire second floor loft is devoted to blankets while the basement holds the saddles they have in stock. They have a great boot room with many different suppliers well stocked.

I't's well worth stopping by the store if you are ever in the area... or if you like online shopping give their site a once over! If you can't figure out the website - give them a call - they are always happy to sort out what you need and if they have it!

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