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One Thing

Want to know one thing you can do this week to improve your riding?

I was reminiscing tonight about my old make up lessons. The barn had four instructors and once a month students who had missed a lesson (giving proper notice yada yada ) were invited to a 2 hour block on a Sunday. Often those four instructors would look at the mixed bag of motley riders and pull out 4 horses and a lunge line each.

The time would be allocated for each student and up we'd go. No reins, no stirrups, walk, trot, canter, again, and again, and again.

It was hard. It was SO GOOD.

If you want to be a better rider dig out your lunge line. Find a horse that will walk and trot (and ideally canter) steadily. Get a friend to manage the line and get out there ... practice sitting perfectly for your sport ... think about what leg is where underneath you. Get fitter, more flexible and do something you might not have done for years.

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