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RRP: Introductions

Response to my request for interviews was immediate and amazing!

Juniors, pros and amateurs from Canada and the USA all stepped up to share why they were signed up for the RRP and what they hoped to gain from it. One thing quickly became clear - these people love their horses, thoroughbreds generally and want to be a part of helping horses.

Let's meet the trainers and their horses!

Josslyn Cousins and Sambrook (RRP Makeover 2017 Sambrook)

are planning on establishing a regular work routine over the next couple of months. Sambrook last raced in the in the fall so she got to take the winter off and recover from the exertions of racing.

Joss treasures Vicbrenan, her retired OTTB mare. Together for 12 years, so far, Vic owns a big chunk of Joss's heart. They have moved around Ontario together, had kids/foals, cancer and divorce. She has taught me so much life and horse related

Ellyse Goodfellow and Exordium ( Instagram here)

are hoping to get to an off property schooling show depending on how "baby brain" is doing!

Ellyse's most treasured horse possession is her velvet riding cap from her early days of riding - she's glad she doesn't need it to protect her head now though!

Whitney McWhorter Williams and No Papa No (Raylan RRP Makeover 2017 candidate "No Papa No".)

are planning as many off property excursions as possible in the next little while - this won't be easy as they often work alone!

Whitney values this painting of her, done by a family member with another horse she loves dearly as it captured a special moment at a horse show.

Jennifer Vickers-Kelly and SeaLord (SeaLord's face book page)

will be busy barrel racing every weekend over the next little while. They also have big shows in Florida and South Carolina planned - Jennifer knows things might change but they are on track now!

She particularly treasures each horse's first ... first ribbon, belt buckle, trophy and so on! They give her a concrete way to remember the horses that are so dear to her..

Ali Hamann and Carmella's Secret ( RRP FB page for this team!)

This team is planning to keep on working on mental and physical strength in the next little bit. Getting to some shows might be in the cards - or might be down the road a bit. Patience is a watchword for this duo!

Ali treasures her ribbon collection and has every one won over the last twenty seven years!

Jamie Moore and Having Said That (Their RRP FB Page)

Having Said That did well on the track. He is a war horse with 63 starts and 167k in earnings.

However- he has a different story than most. He was notorious for flipping himself over on the track, earning himself the barn name of Flip. He actually flipped violently at Presque Isle Track and died. They resuscitated him- and right now the focus is on ground work, losing the hay belly and rain rot, and various injuries and aches he arrived with!

Jamie's treasures her 1st edition leather bound copy of Black Beauty. . As an avid reader she was thrilled to inherit it from my Grandmother- who's mother gave it to her.. (It may explain why she lives with 3 black/nearly black horses with stars too!)

Kim Leonard and One For Nothing (Note's Blog)

Lots of trail rides in beautiful Colorado are in the short term works for this amazing pair. Both have overcomes challenges to be part of this year's RRP (stay tuned for more on that!) A busy horse Note may even get the chance to work some cattle!

Kim has a collection in her office of all the brass nameplates from the horses who have passed on. She values this compilation very much.

Samara Snitker and Wrap The Jazz (RRP FB page for this team )

This team is in the indoor arena daily now. Working on the mind: groundwork, driving, desensitizing, obstacle work and the body: softness, transitions, collection, shoulder/hind quarter control, moving off seat, etc. As the weather warms up they'll move outdoors with trail riding including trailering out to as many clinics, state parks, and fun events as they can find.

Samara treasures two mares she has had for 11 years who are now turning 18 and 20 years old. They are her babies; one a perfect, stocky sorrel Quarter Horse, and the other a beautifully breathtaking buckskin Paint.

Ginny Harrison and She’s a Wild Lilli (look for Harrison_ eq on insta!)

Building fun with slow careful attention to a solid foundation is what this pair has planned for the immediate term. As a repeat trainer Ginny was happy with the results of a slow build up - so is planning to repeat that success.

Her most treasured horse possession is a horsehair bracelet that was custom made from the tail hair of a TB gelding that she loved for many years and lost suddenly. You can read her touching tribute to Pete and a human friend here on Horse Nation.

There is so much more to share about these amazing people and the thoroughbreds making dreams possible for many of them. I'm already excited for next month!

What's your most treasured horse possession? Share it with us in the comments!

Hey - what is your most treasured horse possession? Share it with us 3

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