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Here comes term three!

We've had growing pains and time line changes but we are thrilled to be about to offer you another term starting Feb 1, 2018

Be good to you! Your horse! Select a course because you want to be a better horse person and meet other great horse people.

Four courses are qued up to run at the moment - that may change as instructors get jealous of those of teaching but for now :

The amazing Karen Whitfield is teaching you how to take amazing photos that make the most of your camera! Learn about the settings, shooting in manual and all kinds of tips that will make your photos pop! The Horses in Focus Link is where you will get the full scoop on this course! While horses are the subject in lectures you are welcome to photograph what you have at hand rather than standing in cold, or hot fields too!

Or maybe you want to join our talented and famous Linda Shantz in her newest offering - a great painting party/course where the class will work on creating a painting from the same source photo and get a critique and pointers individually - just watching what everybody does will be amazing (if puppy pARTy lovers sign up Linda is quite happy to provide canine source photos too!) Check out The Virtual Pony pARTy for more info!

You might need a tune up, or to start from scratch for your drawing skills. If that's the case why not sign up for Drawn to Horses taught by the incredible Shelly Hawley-Yan - there could not be a more supportive, more clearly laid out way to learn to draw - lots of horses and fun to be had here.

Andrea Harrison is offering a new course this term - It's My Horse, I Can Plan and I Want To! (very nearly named It's My Show I Can Cry if I Want to). This course will empower you to make good choices for you, and your horse. Plan your riding time, and down time and get you in great mental shape for your season. Challenges? Bring them to the course and get personalized help that is specific and life changing in ways hard to imagine until you experience it!

Each course is just $75 US and packed full of value and fun. You will reconnect to the passion that drew you to horses through any of these classes and will get your "horsey" fill. Learn new skills, or hone old ones. Figure out your 2018 - no matter if you are showing, getting back into horses or just starting out. No matter if you choose a creative or practical class the instructors are all passionate, positive teachers who love sharing knowledge but put YOU first. You might as well sign up because that's the best way to help us build the school and to get you connected to an amazing community!

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