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  • Sarah Haynes

Inside the Hunter/Jumper Tack Room: Fluff up your fleece!

It's that time again, you guessed it: show season!

The hunter ring commands a shaped pad, but one small problem. You open your show trunk and UGH! The fluffy fleece shaped pad you bought last year, and then rode and washed after every show last year, is....welllllll......not so fluffy any more. In fact, it's kind of gross looking all matted together. Fear not! We can fix this!

How? You ask? Well, if you happen to be the fur-parent of a cat or dog, your house may already contain the answer, but if you don't, a quick trip to your local pet store will do it. The answer: a pet brush!

The before picture!

Specifically, you want something called a "slicker brush" with the thin brush tongs made of metal (plastic tongs don't work for this project).

Start by lightly brushing the fleece, doesn't matter which direction, in fact, for the best results you want to brush it in multiple directions. BE GENTLE! Be sure to brush along the edges of the pad too for best results.

Half done!

This is what it looks like half done. You can clearly see the side that I have brushed, compared to the side I haven't. The brushed side is a little smoother and fluffier. Not matted together like the "just washed" side. Keep going.

All done!

There! Other side all finished. Fluffy and smooth and ready to go!

This trick will work on all of your other fleece pads and keep them looking "show quality" longer. Bonus tip: the slicker brush is great at taking hair off blankets. saddle pads, etc. just be gentle so as to not ruin any fabrics!

Happy riding!

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