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Saddle Box Review

I was so excited to be asked to review a SaddleBox

I see their boxes often and have gone so far as loading my purchase into the cart a few times, then ... then ... a box arrived!!

It arrived in a timely way at my post office and was ohh so cute I had to tempt our Instagram crowd with it - LOOK at the little heart! How totally adorable.

There was a sweet note in the box and the box had WAY more than I had expected in it. WAY MORE. So the second I opened it I was well set up to like it. Little touches go a long way with me. And being on time, well packed, and the sweet box and note? Those were really nice touches!

I know the items change every month - or I presume they do. If every month is as varied and interesting as the sample I got, you really can't lose with a SaddleBox. There were things for horses, people, barns and homes. Useful things and fun things. I thought the mix was clever and was pleased to see some smaller size samples of things I had thought I'd like to test before too.

Grooming things are always a hit here (11 horses!) and that little purple brush flexes - everyone loves having their faces brushed with it and leans right back in. Self adhesive bandage tape is something we go through by the case here - so another roll is a welcome addition. The hoof pick in the box is something I seem to never have quite enough of - and this one is a style I particularly like so has a spot of honour by the grooming stall already! The sweet little curry comb flower in there is another horse popular item.

Tack soap!! Human soap!! Simply can't have too much of either in our barn - so they were much appreciated too. I haven't read the book yet -it's by my bedside table and I haven't worn the socks yet (I save socks for special occasions - maybe I'll wear these ones at my first online show!)

I am learning to make soap too - and want to make saddle soap - so the more kinds of saddle soap I can get my hands on the happier it makes me.

I have to confess though the treats were 110% the horses favourite thing.

The ginger snaps were so good I ignored the warning not to eat them and sampled them. (I actually missed that they were for horses to start ate one, didn't die, read the package and decided to eat another. Still not dead. Don't recommend it though!) The peppermints were such a hit I have made a point of keeping more of a variety of mints in the barn since we finished our package.

Overall I was really quite surprised with the superior quality of the items included. The value is excellent. I am not confident adding up the value of the items but they far far surpassed the cost of a box - even with shipping to Canada added in. Without shipping I would absolutely have a subscription to the service - it was fun for me, fun for the horses, and I know all kinds of amazing horse people who would appreciate a gift from the box if anything ever did land here that wasn't a great fit for our needs.

I think my approach going forward will be to get a few single boxes as gifts - Valentine's Day is coming up, then the Thoroughbreds have birthdays through the spring... my honest guess? After I do that a few times I won't be able to resist signing up for a subscription!!

If you want to treat yourself, or a special horse (or 11!) in your life sign up for the subscription.

In case you skipped over the embedded links and want to know where to order that: is where you want to go (yes Chrystal I am looking at you!)

If you want to order me, or any other horse lover or horse, a gift this is link I embedded but want to make sure you don't miss

Thanks so much Saddlebox for all you do to make horse lovers and horse's lives better! You put a huge smile on my face and I continue to grin each time I use one of the lovely products from you!!

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