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Resource Roundup: Horse Show Hacks

Show Season is in full swing! Horse shows can be many things. Busy, fun, stressful, exhausting, and rewarding, just to name a few. We're here to help you make your show season run as smoothly as possible. We've rounded up 10 Horse Show Hacks for you, all in one place.

Let's go!

1. Pick up a cheap raincoat at the dollar store to keep in the trailer. A very small investment could save your show attire in the event of poor weather. Even if you don't use it for rain, you can put it on over your show clothes to keep yourself clean in between changing and mounting. While you're at the dollar store, picking up a small sewing kit is a smart idea too. You never know when you may need to sew on a busted button!

2. When you get to the show and remove any shipping boots/wraps, replace them with a pair of socks with the toes cut out. This will help keep your grooming and bathing job clean, especially any white socks you may have worked extra hard to get their whitest.

Bonus Tip: Spray the socks with fly spray before putting them on to keep your horse from stomping and getting agitated.


3. This one could be tricky, but if you can, bathe your horse a few days BEFORE the show. This will allow the natural oils enough time to regenerate and produce a glossy sheen on the coat. Have a thorough grooming session the day before and tend to any spots or stains on the day of the event.

4. Pool noodles make great boot trees and will help keep your field boots looking horse show ready. They are cheap and easy to cut to the correct height.


5. Stock up on baby wipes! Yes, baby wipes. They have so many uses around the barn and can be especially handy on show day. Use them to give your tack or boots a quick wipe before heading to the ring. Tidy up your horse's dirty nostrils or any smudges on his/her white legs. If they have a dusty patch on their coat a wipe will pick it up and leave the coat clean and shiny, quickly and easily. Wipe your hands clean after eating or grooming to avoid getting your show clothes dirty. The possibilities are endless.

6. Bring along a large syringe. Shortly before you're due to ride, use the syringe to rinse your horse's mouth out with water. This helps prevent that lovely green foam from making it's way out onto your perfectly groomed horse. Or your show clothes!

7. If your horse will be travelling alone, consider adding a shatterproof mirror inside your trailer. It could help ease anxiety by giving him/her the illusion of another horse. Of course, it's best to test this theory before the show date just to make sure it's actually helpful to your horse's individual personality.

8. Another great tip from Add a strip of velcro in the trailer to hold boots in one place. You'll always know where they are if they have a specially designated place. You'll be grateful for this at the end of a tiring day and you're anxious to get home.

9. Labels! It's not a bad idea to label some of your belongings, such as buckets, grooming boxes, bags, trunks, etc. If you are sharing a trailer with another rider this will reduce confusion as to what belongs to who. If your trunks are labelled it could save valuable time if you are rushing and looking for something specific. I'm sure your horse appreciates if you know the difference between his feed bucket and the bucket you used to clean tack as well ;)

10. Last but definitely not least...Don't overlook your trailer maintenance. You'll likely be focused on getting your skills, gear, grooming, clothes, etc. all prepped for your busy show season. It's easy to overlook the state of your trailer...until you are all set to load up on show day. You're carrying precious cargo. You can't be too careful. Check out this great article by The Practical Horseman for essential info on Horse Trailer Maintenance 101.

That's 10! What are some of your favourite tried and true horse show hacks?

*Bonus Tip* Check out this great post to learn how to bring new life to an old fleece saddle pad.

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